Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Group Journal and Isometric Projection Submission

Dear Pupils of S207,

Group Journal Submission
Today is the due date for the submission of the Toy Design Group Journal. Please copy all the information in the shared google document and transfer to Pages. Format the report nicely and submit it to ADMT submit folder titled it as: S207_ToyDesign_GroupJournal_Names.

Isometric Projection Submission
Format the Toy Design to be in Isometric View.
Remove all the AXES and GUIDELINES by clicking on View and remove the "Tick" on AXES and GUIDES.
Export your design into 2D graphic and submit the file to the ADMT Submit Folder titled it as: S207_ToyDesign_Isometric_Names.

*Due Date: 9th March 2011


  1. I thought you said the drawing can be drawn out on pencil and paper. So then, do we still need to submit a sketchup?