Monday, February 21, 2011

Designing An Automaton

Automata is the plural form of automaton, a self-operating machine.

Click to learn about the mechanism used to create an automaton.
Click to understand the process of designing an automaton.
Examples: Gallery

Read the competition details before embarking on the design of the automaton.

*Participants should generate a storyline of their Automata, for example what story is it telling, what sports or performing arts is it promoting, etc. and think of what mechanism(s) can be used to deliver/drive the story. They should also make simple sketches of their design with basic dimensions.

I wish that all groups can apply the knowledge learnt in mechanism, design a great automaton to take part in this competition organised by Singapore Polytechnic.

Bring colour pencils for next ADMT lesson, so that all pupils can design and colour the TREXI, another competition organised by SP.

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